about the network
bad-network ( is an emerging internet-based network of young architects, founded in 2004. Currently it has seventeen members (america/asia/europe) incl. Ursula Faix und Paul Burgstaller (BAD-INN). The team composition varies from project to project: e.g. the project DE-tro-IT was developed by BAD-INN and BAD-OSL. A different project, library competition was developed by four cells (BAD-INN, BAD-LIL, BAD-MIL and BAD-OSL).

Each cell also acts independently on a regional/local basis with own projects, whereas a BAD-project has to be developed by at least two cells. Sometimes the people working together have never met physically, also Ethan Zuckerman was an internet acquaintance to the group. Quote from his weblog: “Like most cyberutopians, I’ve sung the praises of global collaboration more than once. But it’s pretty rare that I actually find myself in such collaborations. Publishing research on my blog seems to increase the chance of this sort of serendipity…so expect to see lots more in the future…” Ethan Zuckerman’s weblog attempts to find experimental methods of collaboration which reinforce the exchange between architects.

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The team composition varies from project to project.