invited competition, 1st PRIZE
"Masterplan City of SCHWAZ"
Urban Realm, Schwaz Austria

City of Schwaz / SMS

The outline of this project is the idea of applying the successful shopping mall circulation logic of creating frequency by opposed anchor stores to the entire inner city of Schwaz in order to support a symbiosis between the new shopping mall “Stadtgalerien Schwaz” and the shops of the historic city core. Potentially the shops in the historic city could also be managed and marketed by the center management of the “Stadtgalerie Schwaz”.

The masterplan Schwaz is conceived as a general guiding principle which will be implemented in three phases: immediate measures, medium-term measures and long-term measures including accompanying traffic calming measures, for example Shared Space.

Paul Burgstaller, Ursula Faix, Frederico Di Liddo, Vladimir Ristic

Ingenieurbüro Köll, traffic planning
Creativbeton, pavement / concrete
ewo, lighting

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