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"Masterplan City of SCHWAZ Phase1 - Untere Wopfnerstrasse"
Urban Realm, Schwaz Austria

City of Schwaz / SMS

The first immediate measure, as defined in the Masterplan Schwaz, the refurbishment of the Untere Wopfnerstrasse was implemented in 2012. The small shopping street, conceived as a pedestrian zone, is an important link between the old city center and the new shopping mall “Stadtgalerien Schwaz” and its appearance before the refurbishment was not alluring.

The new pavement consists of large concrete slabs as well as of porphyry colored asphalt. The porphyry color of the slabs as well as the asphalt is a customized mixture for the City of Schwaz and will be implemented for the whole pedestrian zone of the inner city in the future. Benches, flower pots and bollards are completing the new alluring appearance of the street.

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Paul Burgstaller, Eduardo de Araujo, Ursula Faix, Fabian Partoll, Johannes Weninger

Ingenieurbüro Köll, traffic planning
AEP, engineering

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