Cross disciplinary approach
With a cross disciplinary approach to complex design issues, BAD fosters a vibrant exchange between the
in-house professions of architecture, urban planning and strategic marketing by integrating these disciplines in the design process.

Data driven approach
With the data driven approach the decisions of BAD are rather evidence based, than referring to intuition or personal preferences, allowing to distinguish what is actually needed from what is just thought to be needed.


Specialized on complex problems, bad architects group produces surprising but simple solutions. By means of the high engagement and the complex spectrum of works of the practice, the client is profiting from a durable surplus.

The architectural portfolio of the office encompasses all areas of design, from the urban scale to retail and interior design. Of central concern to the practice is a simultaneous engagement in practice, teaching and research. This attitude to architectural production allows a creative-pragmatic approach towards problems and building commissions, as well as the successful realization of extravagant wishes of the client during the planning process.

"Experience Design / Destination Development"

We consider Experience Design as augmented Destination Development in a cross-disciplinary approach:Tourism and leisure brings people together and so does architecture.

Especially when it comes to site development, tourism structures and also recreational facilities are quite often affected by changes that don't take those structures into account. Therefore, BAD specializes on the integration of architectural changes into existing destination development-, marketing- and brand strategies. Depending on the project and preconditions, we also provide guidance on creating new brand and image strategies as well as tourism-based structures and facilities.

Experience Design is site development in close interaction with holistic destination development.

"Urban Realm, Planning & Urban Design"

Cities are complex, dynamic places, shaped by many forces. To deal with this, BAD takes a cross-disciplinary approach that considers all the dimensions of new and redevelopment, from serving people and sustaining the environment to spur healthy economic growth and building the brand which cities need to be attractive destinations for business and living. Our urban portfolio is diverse in scale and reaches from small public space or street conversions to the development of large scale masterplanning and neighborhood developments projects beyond 10 hectares.

"Community Consultation"

Different opinions, visions and aims are united in communities, cities and regions. BAD helps you in crystallizing the common ground in a process oriented approach either in a “Cooperative Procedure” or in a public engagement process.

We believe that community consultation combined with public engagement woven into the urban planning and design process leads to better results and a higher quality of life. The knowledge of the different parameters and aims which influence the development processes of masterplanning, project development and urban development lead to better acceptance and a higher grade of satisfaction. Giving the citizens of a village, town or neighborhood the possibility of a direct inclusion in choosing how to develop their environment embraced thankfully.